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The Best Baby Gear for new parent: More attentiveness and care

The Best Baby Gear for new parent

The baby was born for each family is a happy event, but what should be bought for the baby has become a brain-burning topic for new parents, what are the necessary childcare gear at home? prepared a lots of essential childcare gear at home, new parents quickly take a look!

1. Baby Bath Seat Support Tub Pad Cushion with Pillow

This is a cushion that can help you give your baby a bath. It is made of baby-friendly material, which allows her to float on the water to avoid your baby from choking on the water when she takes a bath. At the same time, the soft Expandable Polystyrene lining, simulating the mother’s hands to hold up the baby’s body, so that the baby comfortably lying or leaning on the cushion to protect the baby from bumping.

2. Child Baby Safety Silicone Table Corner Edge Protection Cover

Although the parents are very careful, but the lively nature of the baby will inevitably by some home sharp bump, so we need a silicone table corner protector, which is made of soft, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, non-toxic materials, can help protect your child from sharp corners at home, and a wide range of use: Suitable for wood, bakelite, ceramic tile, marble, glass, metal corner, etc…

3. Baby Nasal Aspirator Infant Electric Nose Cleaner

The weather is changing fast, the baby’s nose is not adapted to the cold leading to rhinitis, you are still using the traditional mouth type aspirator? How disgusting ah, may wish to consider our electric baby nasal aspirator with food-grade silicone material suction head, using a backflow prevention process to avoid the problem of nasal aspiration backflow, supporting the 3 different suction head to match different use scenarios, and the product is quiet and compact, the baby sleep to use without worrying about waking the baby.

4. Baby Travel Folding Potty Training Seat Toilet

Baby is getting bigger and bigger, do you need to start thinking about how to tell her to go to the toilet by herself? Our foldable, compact and portable baby toilet training seat is very good. It uses most sizes of toilet, and has a non-slip and positioning design, whether at home or when traveling can easily solve the problem of baby toilet.

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