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Home Decorations Recommended, 10 Home Decorating Ideas


Home decoration usually refers to some small objects placed in the home, these small artifacts placed in the home position is easy to replace, and very good decorative, good-looking home decorative ornaments can embellish the soft furnishings, color for the room, enrich the sense of space levels. In addition to the decorative role, storage ornaments, etc. also have practical value.

1. Art Decorative Room Wall Sticker for Home Decor

This wall sticker is made of high-quality PVC and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, and is available in a variety of colors.
You can paste it on the walls of the bedroom and living room at will, match it with a warm environment according to your preferences, and give full play to your creativity!

2. Astronaut Decor Home Decoration Resin Statue

A vivid astronaut ornament with fine detailing and outstanding quality.
What you need is more than just an astronaut ornament, I want to say to them that dreams are like stars in the universe – they seem out of reach, but if you work hard, one day you will be able to touch them. As a young person, you must dare to dream, pursue your dreams and fulfill them diligently.

3. Astronaut Starry Sky Galaxy Stars Projector Night Light

Suitable for the bedroom, living room, game room, party, car bar and other places, up to 9 single-color or multi-color colorful nebula projection effect, people in the dream of the universe of the stars, small and cute astronaut shape, very suitable for children’s toys, but also as an ornament, no matter where it is placed are very compatible.

4. Home Decor Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants Vine

How much time is left for a peaceful and relaxing life in the midst of all the noise of life?
Home, the best place to take off your guard, with a little green accent, lightly rendering the trendy fresh colors, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment!
Artificial ivy, natural leaf color, highly simulated, vivid natural cane. Perfect for weddings, festivals, parties, home decorations, gardens, fences, flower offerings, sheds, etc.

5. Home Decoration DIY 3D Roman Numerals Wall Clock

These digital models are made of new high-density sponge, which is resistant to pressure and aging. Longer hands, high quality silent movement, can minimize power loss, effective clock to extend the working hours, fashionable decorative clock dial, brushed metal texture, simple and generous design, smooth and textured surface!

6. Wall Art Canvas Painting Pictures For Living Room

This decorative painting is made of high-quality environmentally friendly canvas, relying on its waterproof and dustproof characteristics, and excellent ink adhesion, improve the effect of printing, enhance the ornamental and significantly extend the preservation of decorative painting time, and the printed content will not fade for a long time, whether hanging in the bedroom or living room, can enhance the aesthetic.

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